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We breed a little nest now and then with love for the race, attention for the character and the looks. Our female dogs have passed “the selection” by the Belgian race-organisation concerning looks and character and are controled on HD, eyes and DNA matching the Dilute-factor (result DD). Also, we are member of the Dutch race-organisation.

We tend to meet the potential new owners of our dogs before actually giving them a new home.

The puppies are born at home and we provide the necessary attention to their education, the first weeks are very important for the further development of our dog.

Until the 4th week we leave the puppies and their mother enough time to grow up in a calm atmosphere

During the 3th week the pups get extra food. Balanced meals are extremely important.

For the pups too the fase of the imprentation is starting.

We pay very special attention to confront the puppies with strictly positive experiences.

Human contact becomes extremely important.

We give the dogs the chance to walk outside (in their own environment) when the weather is nice and we teach them the first steps to become house-trained.

The pups are often wormed and after 6 weeks the are being vaccinated for the first time and once again tested by the vet.

Now the time has come to leave the space they have been brough up in. Making a short ride in the car is one of the possibilities.

After 7 weeks the pups go through the puppytest (using the Cambell methods).

Based on this test and the preferences of the new owner we decide which puppy is most qualified to fit in this particular family. Then they are tatooed by the Royal Society of Sint-Hubertus (this is necessary to get the family tree) and registered in a database.

When they are 8 weeks old, the pups can move to their new house.

We always use a contract of sale and a deposit proof. This gives both, you and us some security. Every new owner receives a puppypacket which provides you an informationbrochure, some advice concerning dogfood, dogfood, a toy, a cd-rom with the puppy pictures, a blancket with the scent of the nest,…

Because we really try to follow up our puppies, we keep having contact with the new onwers to help them where necessary and advice them to raise the pup, etc... and if we're in the neighbourhood we like to stop by and check the progress of the pup.

To know: there are 4 fases in the raising of a puppy:

     0 to 3 weeks:

          The sleep- and eatfase.

     3 to 8 weeks:

          The inprentationfase.

          Inprent the members of the same specie, being around the other pups in the nest, the keeper, etc... learn about


     8 to 12 weeks:


          Gaining experience, learn about the world, what's wrong and what's right, what's dangerous.

     12 to 16 weeks:

          The investigation of certain things and persons, becoming independent, determanition of the social status.